Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yes... I have been feeling guilty about neglecting my blog. You see, I still have a bunch of Christmas posts I have been meaning to write and here it is March. Those who know me really aren't surprsied. But I don't want to skip it all and jump right to spring.. so once I get my rear in gear, just smile when you see my Christmas posts in July??.. no it will be sooner than that. Here is a brief run down of post waiting to be written and/or new things in my life.

I did receive ALL of my ornaments from the ornament exchange and I will post about them.

I did make thank you cards for all those ladies who sent me ornaments but they are still sitting on my desk.

I did alot of sewing/crafting Christmas gifts for my immediate family that I will post although one is still only part-way finished. There will be pictures but no tutorials... sorry I'm not quite to that point yet.

I have been on a wood painting trend with my crafts and don't have alot of cards that I have made recently to post. There will be post with both wood crafts (yes some from Christmastime) and cards.

For those who know... we are an Air Force family of almost 22 years and have been in Japan for the last 6 years on an Army post. We got orders (well not hard copies yet) to go to Ft. George Meade, Maryland. Being an Idaho girl, this will be the farthest East I have lived. LOL except that I am living in the "Far East". We are excited for all the new experiences, historical sites, and old friends we will reunite with because of this move... BUT there is SO much to do and declutter, etc.. We move the end of June.

I wanted to add a button for this next tidbit of news but having a Japanese IP address.. I can't seem to access buttons and codes right now. After reading many reviews of Choffy (brewed chocolate) on Whipperberry, Choffy, and FB, we tried some... and ran out in 4 days! SO I decided to become a distributor. I am really excited because two of my four kids on the Autism spectrum and I am hoping they can benefit from all the goodness Choffy has to offer.

I am currently working with my friend Lisa on a last minute baby shower and a teacher appreciation luncheon for our elementary school. Something to look forward to.

I am gonna leave you with a picture of something I've done recently, just for reading all the way to the end of this post!


  1. This bird is so cute. I will look up the info on your new business. It is probably something we can benefit from in our house. Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. After we move to Maryland, we will have to plan some crafty weekends together!