Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Flowers...cards of course!

I colored these images from PapertreyInk over the 4th of July weekend and finally turned them into cards. They are from two different sets from their Year of Flowers series, Daffodil and Lily of the Valley.

When I was younger I had a flower patch of Daffodils right by the front steps of our house. I think I got the bulbs from an elderly neighbor lady, Sister Gibbs, but I'm not positive. I was always amazed that each spring there were more and more flowers. Of course now I understand why, but I have always loved Daffodils.

Lily of the Valley are my Mom's favorite flower (I may get corrected on this one too!) and she had them in her wedding bouquet. My maternal Grandmother also had lily of the valley growing on the side of her house right underneath the trellis of roses and I spent alot of time there during the summers of my youth.

Keep an eye out for more flowers as I plan on having every PTI Year of Flowers sets as they come out.

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