Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ornament Exchange

I have just started getting out and exploring blogland. I find most of the blogs I follow are craft ideas/sharing blogs. Wonderful ideas! Very creative women! I'm not worthy~

So I find one blog and it links to another and then another and that's how I found Wendy's blog. She is an especially crafty lady who is dearly missed after her recent move. She is featuring an ornament a day for the month of November AND a far-away friends ornament exchange! I figured I am a pretty far away friend! I talked my friend Lisa into doing it (we are doing 5 ornament each!) and I tried to "talk" my sister into it (nudge).

You can sign up and read the rules at her blog Craft Goodies or just check out her creative ornaments. If you are part of the exchange and you get an ornament from me or Lisa (we are working on them together) it will be unique and Japanese-ish! Obviously I will not be posting any pictures until the ornaments arrive at their final destination.

A final word on Christmas ornaments. Tradition. I have ornaments that I hang on my tree EVERY YEAR that one of my Aunts made me when I was growing up. The oldest one is 38 years old. Not going to say how old I was when I got it :O
One of my sisters has continued that tradition and my children look forward to their ornament every Christmas. I also give my kids an ornament too, so when they are old and grey and they put those ornaments on their Christmas Trees, happy memories (I hope) will come flooding back to mind.

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